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Colorado Springs Cardiology Team

Chris Schabinger

Nurse Practitioner

Practicing Since:



St. Francis


Interventional Cardiology


Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Chamberlain University of Nursing, 2018

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Chamberlain University of Nursing, 2015

Special Interests

I believe in treating the whole person.  There are many aspects that go into a patient’s health not just a disease.  That involves the patient, their family and loved ones, in turn the community.  Everyone is struggling with something; I believe that my purpose is to help alleviate some of that burden, even if it just means listening.  I do my best to treat every patient as I would like my family to be treated.   


I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter.  They are my world.  I am big on family so we spend a great deal of free time with our families; (I come from a large family where there are 5 sister, 3 brothers; my wife has a sister and brother in-law).  We typically go hiking or go to the gym and rock climb.  I enjoy playing chess with my daughter.  We also love all types of puzzles. I enjoy teaching my daughter about all types of gardening and botany.  We plant things in our outdoor garden, hydroponics/aquaponics and NFT system.  I’ve never been big on sports, but my family is and I will enjoy the occasional Broncos game with them.  I enjoy snowboarding or just going camping.