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Atrial Septal Defect & PFO Heart Treatment

A hole in the heart sounds like it would be a problem in itself, but more than a quarter of the population has one. In fact, the vast majority of those affected don’t even know it.

There are two kinds of holes in the heart.

  • Atrial septal defect (ASD)
  • Patent foramen ovale (PFO).

Both are holes in the wall of the tissue between the left and right upper chambers of the heart.

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Most don’t realize whether they have a hole unless they are having symptoms like severe migraines, TIA or experience a stroke. Although the prevalence of PFO, according to the American Heart Association, is about 25% in the general population, it increases to about 40 to 50% in patients who have a stroke of unknown cause. This is especially true in patients who have had a stroke before age 55. PFO is diagnosed with an echocardiogram.

Patent Forman Ovale Heart Colorado Springs

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Nothing will close the hole except open-heart surgery or a closure device placed by a catheter threaded from the groin through the veins to the heart. Until recently, there were no approved catheter-closure devices designed for PFOs.

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